Thursday, September 20, 2012

Trendspotting Thursday: Rococo

Ready for the night out! : Rococo inspired skirt

Looking back in to the Rococo Era, there's always something romantic with the way the curves of the leaves are drawn. Compared to other design print inspirations, such as the Victorian Era (which by the way, designs are incredible!), Rococo has something more real than stencils & wallpapers. xo

Oh Darling : Darla Sunnies

Green Rococo inspired blouse

Gilded: Chanel Coat

stucco designs on handcrafted artificial marble
"Pup"-shionista : Rococo inspired paisley scarf 

(Editor's disclosure: the images above are linked to their original sources.)


  1. you have such a great blog. love this set of photos!! keep them coming :)

    xo francesca

    1. Thank you Frank!
      We'll keep it juicy each time! We're glad you enjoy it :)