Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Babe Club: Style-Squared

We were able to interview Zvezdana and Maja from Style-Squared, two sisters who have incredible style. Read the full interview below and check out their blog by clicking here!

Describe your style in one sentence.
Zvezdana: I would say that my style is a bit boyish and futuristic, but definitely very eclectic with an occasional touch of the "unexpected" or "outrageous" which makes it my own. 
Maja: I think my style closely reflects my complex and often contradictory character, exposing a constant battle between the provocative and feminine, classic and modern, vulgar and refined....   
What is the most important thing about choosing an outfit?
Zvezdana: For me, the fit and the originality are the most important when choosing an outfit. I always try to ad a little bit of that special touch to my look. An accessory or an unexpected mixture of different pieces usually achieves that for me. The worst compliment for me is being told that I look "Nice". I do not strive for "Nice". :) "Nice" sounds so mediocre to me. I prefer "Brave, unusual, unexpected, beautiful, weird, cool...". Sometimes I succeed in this and sometimes I do not, but we all live and learn. 
Maja: I try not to sacrifice femininity for the sake of fashion. When choosing an outfit I strive for it to always be aesthetically appealing and beautiful in one way or another. I tend to chose outfits that make certain kind of statements, whatever that might be. I like my clothes to speak for me. A "mute" outfit is a failure in my eyes. :) An outfit that reflects my personality or my mood is a successful one.  
What’s your favorite current trend?
Zvezdana : I like that the mainstream fashion is becoming a bit edgier and more risqué. I love the new trend with very dark lips which can really make an outfit standout. I also love tartan which can be both punk and rock n' roll or classic and Victorian. Leather is another trend that will never go out of style nor out of my closet!
Maja : I would have to say that I do not really pay much attention to trends. What I usually pick up from the designers are the new ways to mix up and combine some basic classical pieces most of us have in our closets. If I had to pick one, I would have to say that I am happy that the a-line mid length skirts are back and are bigger than ever. Poofy, flat, leather, chiffon, patent- they are all fantastic! Very comfortable, flattering and so versatile! 
What are your style essentials?
Zvezdana : For the fall/winter season all I need is a great fitting pair of ripped black jeans, a pair of comfortable yet substantially high black or white pumps and a good simple coat in neutral color ! Building up outfits from these 3 basic pieces is a piece of cake.
Maja:  My fashion basics include a pair of well-tailored black pants, a high-waisted pencil skirt and a white blazer. However, a very special place in my heart belongs to fascinators and hats which are my most important style essentials. We make most of our own fascinators and it is so much fun creating them and wearing them. They are definite show stoppers. The best part about making our own hats is that they are always one of a kind and they are fabulous statement pieces. 
What do you always have in your bag? 
Zvezdana: I am a bit of a control freak and I like to be prepared for a lot of unexpected situations. Hence, among many other things I always carry a red lipstick, a pair of aviators, a pair of flat shoes (high heels are fantastic, but your feet do start to give away after a 10 hour day), an umbrella, a lollipop and a sweet and salty granola bar.
Maja: The little things that always accompany me are my mp3 player, my mascara, a packet of gum and a copy of the Economist magazine. 

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