Monday, December 30, 2013

Up coming fashion trends?

Okay so 2013 was an amazing fashion year in our opinion and its almost over. Skorts, tartan pattern, baby pink coats, those balenciaga boots (still drooling over them), the midi skirt and much much more. For StyleGodis this has been an amazing year, we are so greatful- New employees, fun photoshoots, features, tons of orders and much more. In 2014 a whole new generation of trends will be born. So we are here in this post gather our top 5 predictions for year 2014We are so excited for 2014 to come, this is THE year. Let's do this!!  

1. Tea length skirts. 2013 was the midi-skirts year and now the skirt will be a liiiitle bit longer. In black or pastel colors.

2. Baggy jeans (think mom jeans). This will for sure be even more than 2013. Hello 90's Robyn, oh how we all in Sweden dressed like that and our dads would not understand how and WHY we wanted to show our panties in baggy jeans!!

3. The shift blouse (mostly in soft amazing pastel colors like BABY PINK). This 'dressy' t-shirt is perfect if you want to feel more sophisticated and fancy. 

4. Athletic socks. 2013 was the year when socks in pumps came back again. 2014 we believe will be even more and for sure more athletic socks like your Nike's you wear to the gym!

5.  The button-up shirt. Well, kind of scandalous, we know, but the button-up collared blouse is back in a big way. Wear under a dress, with a blazer for the cool office look or just with a pair of skinny jeans and sneakers (oh the perfect casual look).

Hope you guys had a fabulous 2013 and that 2014 will be even better!! 

The StyleGodis team

Pics via tumblr, glamour and whowhatwear.

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