Monday, March 17, 2014

Outfit Monday: Street is the New Chic

With the street wear style trending among fashion world, more and more designers start to include street and sports wear elements in their designs. This is most definitely a good news for the girls, who have been restricted to feminine silhouettes and heels for years to achieve the chic style. Now rock your comfy sweats, croptops, chains, mesh dresses, baseball jackets, kicks as you want, because street is the new chic.

Shop the looks with StyleGodis!

1.Velvet Frisky Top
2. Nasty Sweatpants
3. Zee Bodychain
4. Midi Mesh Dress
5. Sport Me Up Top
6. Boss Letterman Jacket
7. Gold Coined Layered Necklace
8. Velvet Frisky Skirt
9. Rad in Red Dress

Happy Monday and happy shopping!

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