Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Trend Tuesday: Mesh Me Up

It's traditionally considered as a low-class material used in sports jerseys, primarily due to its breathable, lightweight and comfort aspect. But thanks to the massive "athleisure" trend this season, mesh, a fabric with great versatility and potential is brought back to the runway and daily wear.

The layering possibilities of mesh are endless. You can be completely meshed out in a monochromatic outfit, or you can just add a hint of this trend to neons, pastels, and colorblocks. The perforation keeps it easy and breezy, and the semi-sheer quality adds an edge whether you are dressing up or down.

So we say, forget about the haters and sign us up for this meshed-up trend this spring/summer.


Get the perfect mesh dress here and your sporty mesh tank here!

pics via Fashion Bomb Daily, Tumblr, Feral Creature

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