Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fashion Trend: Overalls

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Scrunchies, crop tops, mom jeans, flannels and denim jackets. What do all these things have in common? They were essential items of any girl’s wardrobe in the 90’s. Since then the styles have changed, but sometimes certain trends come back. What 90’s trend is making a major come back? OVERALLS! Beginning in the 70’s but working its way through the 80’s and 90’s, overalls have been an important part of fashion history. Today we have found several ways to work overalls into our outfits, whether it’s dressing them up or staying casual. Here’s a few ways you can hop on the bandwagon and turn this old classic into a new statement piece.

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The simplest and most popular type of overall today are the “shortalls”. This short version of the classic garment is perfect for many occasions. Throw it on over your bikini for a quick and easy beach cover up! For a more rocker look, pair some tattered shortalls with a band tee and some motorcycle boots. You’re sure to stand out, but in a great way!

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For a sweeter outfit try a skirt version of overalls. With the look of a mini skirt, these overalls will have you feeling feminine as ever. Put a peasant blouse underneath and some flats and you’ll be looking cute as a bug!

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Overalls are not only for casual events! Adding heels or wedges to your overall outfit can help you take that daytime look into the night! For the bold, try some bell bottom overalls with wedges underneath. The heels will add extra length to your legs, and you’ll look like a 70’s babe.

Written by Julia Weltchek

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