Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Perfect Summer Playlist

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Imagine you are driving along the coast, windows down, hair blowing in the wind, and the sun is shining. You smell the salty ocean breeze, you see the crashing waves but there’s one thing missing. It’s that perfect song to accompany that perfect moment. The summer is full of many trips and adventures that all need that ideal playlist full of songs to be your personal soundtrack. Lucky for you, we’ve found some songs to add to your playlist for a few summer activities.

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BBQ: For a backyard BBQ with friends the music needs to be mellow but upbeat. It needs to keep the vibe fun and friendly. Bands such as Surfer Blood are a great choice for this kind of party. Their catchy guitar melody and lively percussions are an awesome compliment to a BBQ atmosphere. Check out their song “Floating Vibes” and maybe you’ll play it at your next BBQ!

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Picnic: For a more intimate summer activity such as a picnic, music with a groovy and fluid sound is an excellent choice. The carefree and smile inducing music plus the fresh air and beautiful scenery of nature will have you feeling blissful. Check out the band Bibio and their song “A Tout a L’heure” for some fun and happy tunes

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Beach day: If you love to soak up some sun and become a golden goddess, you probably spend the majority of your time at the beach. If you really want to get into the beach vibe while you tan or hang out with friends throw some Best Coast into your beach playlist! From their upbeat drums, to their beach-y guitar, to their Californian lifestyle inspired lyrics, this band is sure to have you dancing along.  Check out their song “The Only Place” for a song that will make you wish you were at the beach right now!

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Pool day: If pool parties are more your thing, we’ve got a band for you! The band Wild Belle has the perfect sound to accompany your relaxing pool day. Their reggae inspired music and the beautiful voice of the lead singer are sure to have you feeling laid back and calm. Plus they throw in some smooth saxophone, and who doesn’t love the saxophone! Grab your sunglasses, a towel, push play on their song “Keep You” and enjoy!

Written by Julia Weltchek

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