Monday, June 2, 2014

We Love Leontine.

Meet Emelie, the founder of Leontine, a creative fashion brand of boots, jewelry and ready-to-wear (launching soon!).
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How did you get into the fashion industry?
I got into the fashion industry simply because I started to make jewelry and boots for myself, and then people wanted to buy them. Leontine started out as a dream about freedom.

Tell us about that dream.
Next step for me is launching a limited line of unique Ready To Wear. All pieces are stylishly designed, made from a mixture of new and vintage materials and crafted by hand with a distinctive edge and elegance. Rock’n'roll and luxury, together as one.

I want the pieces to be unique, just like when buying a piece of vintage. I want my customers to want to keep their Leontine item and treasure it for a lifetime. It feels more special then buying a mass produced piece that everyone else in the world is wearing.

How would you describe Leontine and the Leontine woman?
As a brand, I would describe Leontine as a luxury fashion and lifestyle brand that celebrates freedom, love and rock’n'roll. Established with the conviction that every woman is a “Leontine”, our collections define a new category which empowers exploration of who you are, and what you could become. Leontine is a brand that dare to defy what is expected, and creates its own rules.

Leontine will esconce you in rock’n'roll, woo your vanity, enslave you with luxury and remind you that few things are as profound as love and freedom. The Leontine woman is not interested in trends,  but she loves fashion, music and culture. She reads, loves to travel and is a strong woman with a lot of confidence in her style. It will enhance your already strong and free personality.

Tell us about your boots and jewelry.
The Leontine boots are remade vintage with accessories and decorations.  Every single pair is unique and a lot of work and love is put into them. My jewelry is made by me, by hand in reclaimed materials. I also remake new jewelry from selected vintage pieces. 

I see that you’re launching your clothing line soon! What was your inspiration?
I have designed and handmade a collection that enhances a life of freedom, dreams and music – and also helps create it. Jewelry, Accessories, Boots and now Ready To Wear. Our designs appeal to a range of tastes, settings and moods – from the Mojave desert to the boiling streets of New York, from the backroads of Laurel Canyon to the bohemian dreams of Australia.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is what I’m creating with Leontine.  I love fashion, but I am not interested in trends. I find my style inspiration mostly through music or films. My standard outfit is a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and boots. My style is comfortable and the materials need to be soft. I could never wear wool directly to my skin, it would ruin my day. 

And of course I always wear my jewelry. I especially love bracelets that I wear forever and never take off.  Mine are a mix between finds from when I have been traveling, vintage gifts from grandmothers and from my husband. And of course Leontine.

What are your favorite places in New York?
One of my favorite places in New York is the restaurant Le Grainne and where we go for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have the best Croque Monsieur. I also love to walk by Hudson River with music. I love to look at the horizon and see the end of my walk. Living in New York requires a bit of space for the mind. When I go out, I love to go to La Esquina for the best margaritas and mexican food. My favorite vintage spots are the Chelsea Flea Markets that are open on weekends. Here you will find everything you can dream about!

What about LA?
When [my husband and I] lived in Los Angeles two years ago, we lived in the mythical area Laurel Canyon where Joni Mitchell and Jim Morrison lived and recorded many of their amazing records. I will always treasure that neighborhood in my heart. One of my favorite places in LA is in Malibu, the epic biker and surfer restaurant Neptunes Net. You grab a paper bag filled with fish and chips and sit on a wooden bench, eating the insanely good food and look out over the ocean. There are a lot of hidden beaches down in Malibu where you can be alone for a whole day if you look thoroughly. My third favorite is Venice Beach. Of course. It is a magic area.  A little neighborhood where you can walk around, which is not how you usually do it in LA. A lot of amazing vintage shops and organic cafés , an epic beach walk to run or bicycle on and great waves for surfing. And the vibe here is not found anywhere else in the world.

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