Thursday, July 10, 2014

Acing Wimbledon Fashion

Game, set, match. As the Wimbledon tennis tournament winds down, let’s take a moment to reflect on the 2014 victors… both on and off the court. Pros Novak Djocovic and Petra Kvitova received praise after taking home this year’s men’s and women’s title. With long, grueling matches, Wimbledon tennis did not fail to impress. And in regards to its spectators—they were no exception. Celebs Ellie Goulding, Pippa Middleton, and actress Pixie Lott were among many who brought their fashion “A-game” to Centre Court. Yet, who could omit the Duchess of Cambridge herself? Kate Middleton certainly set the style agenda for the 2014 games. The itinerary? Trousers were nixed to make way for the knee-length dress. This trend took a modest approach, swapping spaghetti straps for capped and long sleeve ensembles. Pippa Middleton’s monochromatic Carolina Herrera dress, for example, was paired with a structured blazer for ultimate tailored perfection. 

In addition to length and fit, the color white has remained a chief trend and tradition since the tournament’s existence. Yet, for the more daring, block pastels and neon accents appeared all over the grid. While Wimbledon has taught us a thing or two about style and class, it has too made us consider the “must haves” while attending a sporting event…(no matter if you actually understand the game, or not): 

Sunglasses are the world’s savior. Not only do they eliminate the dreaded squint-eyes, but also effortlessly sharpen any look.

 Stay clear of fabrics that crease, like linen. Instead, opt for jersey/clothing with high thread counts that are adequate for long periods of sitting.

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