Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cocktail of the Week: Hibiscus Mojito Tea Sparkler

1 cup water
5 key lime hibiscus tea bags from The Republic of Tea (available at whole foods)
5 lg mint leaves
2 tbsp agave nectar
4 tbsp fresh lime juice
3 c sparkling water
ice for serving
splash (or three) of light rum
*serves 5

Hi fashion babes! The weekend means that it's time to let loose and soak up that sweet, summer sunshine. And what’s the perfect way to kick start a weekend full of no real obligations? By getting tipsy on tea of course! July is all about the healthy, low cal. cocktails that will satisfy your taste buds (without sacrificing that hard-earned bikini bod.) This hibiscus mojito tea sparkler’s reputation is none other than light and refreshing—the perfect addition to any pool day, lunch-in, or cocktail hour. Need something more to cheers to? Studies have shown that hibiscus tea even has the power to lower blood pressure! Just place the hibiscus tea bags plus mint into a pitcher of boiling water and let steep (for 5 minutes). Then remove the bags/mint and stir in the fresh lime juice and agave nectar. After, include the sparkling water, rum, and pour over some ice. With health (and taste) benefits, isn’t this just what the doctor ordered? Might as well make it a double.

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