Friday, July 25, 2014

TGIF: Cherry Beer-Garita Recipe

12 oz. Cherry flavored soda
12 oz. Tequila
12 oz. Corona (1 bottle)
12 oz. Frozen Limeade Concentrate (1 bottle)

What happens when you mix a Corona, tequila, and cherry-limeade goodness? You’re destined for some trouble…and a good time. So what better way to ring in the end of July (and national tequila day!) than with this effortlessly easy cherry cocktail? Start by pouring the frozen limeade in an empty pitcher, and later mix in the soda and alcohol (use the empty limeade can as a DIY measuring cup!) Serve over ice or leave in the freezer for a chilled treat. Then, simply top off with a lime wedge and cherry garnish. That’s all there is to it, kids! These drinks are perfect for entertaining, whether big parties or small. But be warned, cherry beer-garitas are sure to bring home the title as the life of the party.  

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