Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Curse You, Oreos

Who says resolutions can only be made at New Years? With summer vacation drawing to a close, we’re coming up with less and less excuses for healthy to be top priority. Sure, a shoe addiction is one thing (not a bad thing actually) but a sugar obsession is no laughing matter. Yes, junk food brings a short-term comfort, but it can also lead to one nasty habit. You do not need to stop cold turkey (heck, you might not be human with that willpower), but get strategy going! Develop a craving for the opposite of sweet. Incorporate food and drinks that are somewhat bitter. Dark chocolate, green tea, kale, and granny smith apples are a perfect alternative. By replacing the sweet with something a bit more tart, your taste buds have the chance to reorganize, so you can kick the habit for good. So give sugar cravings the boot—it might just be your biggest (and best) breakup yet.

Written by Kelsey Starner

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