Thursday, August 7, 2014

Take on the Transition

Even if you're in denial, the end of summer is approaching. With the change of the season, it’s time to turn over a new leaf. But just because your skin may take on a paler tone, that doesn't mean your style needs to completely change suit. After all, isn't it true to reduce, reuse, recycle? So hold off on retiring your entire summer garb…we encourage you. Just follow these simple tricks to take on the seasonal transition with a stylish ease.

  1. Add tights to a summer dress. This might just be the easiest addition of all. Pair a set of tights with a floral sheath and scarf…top off with a pair of ankle boots and an army jacket. Complete fashion 360.
  2. Opt for the open-toed bootie. A summer staple with shorts or boyfriend jeans, this peep-toed shoe is prime for fall. For a trendier look, pair boots with crisp, white ankle length socks. 
  3. Leather skirt-Who are we kidding, leather is great all year round. Combine with a chunky oversized sweater + scarf and you’ve got cozy chic with a dash of spunk.
  4. Layered up perfection. The beauty of fall is dressing in layers. Throw on a flannel underneath a set of overalls or sport a crop top with a long cardigan and chunky jewelry. 

    Written by Kelsey Starner

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