Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Babe Club: Interview with Blogger Hanna Lofholm

Describe your style in three words.
Oh, three words to describe my style... That's hard! But at least; simple. And I wear lots of black, and jeans - almost always jeans (or a denim skirt or denim cut-offs in the summer). And I prefer stylish to trendy, I don't "have to" wear the latest, I'd rather wear something comfortable and stylish.

What items do you wear the most?
The ones I wear the most are my black skinny jeans and an oversized, black sweater with a deep v-neck. That, + my black RayBan wayfarers, haha. And simple silver jewelry.

How do you stay warm in the winter without sacrificing style?
I invested in a warm jacket that I feel comfortable in and I think looks stylish. It's very versatile and I'll probably never grow tired of it. I also invested in a pair of really amazing black, biker boots in leather (that I am in love with) - that really can stand any kind of weather (trust me, it's tested).

What is your favorite current trend?
My favorite current trend is definitely the sporty one. I'm a gym rat who loves to work out, and preferably does so wearing Nike - so hey, I'm really happy Nike is trendy right now! 

Visit Hanna's amazing blog at whoishanna.blogspot.com for outfits, inspiration, interior design and more! We love her modern, chic style. 

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